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HOT FUZZ Babes in Mustache :: Bringing awareness to men’s health one babe at a time.

Did you show up because we’re really, really ridiculously good-looking? Or because you want to shave our furry upper lip? We deny that it’s creepy. It’s not at all. It’s hilarious and has intentions worth sharing.

Hot Fuzz Babes is a men’s health awareness campaign. We have launched a series of products with babes sporting mustaches for the cause, which will serve as a reminder for men’s health all year long. Order your copy of the HOT FUZZ Babes in Mustache calendar today.

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Men’s Health Awareness

HOT FUZZ Babes in Mustache supports men’s health awareness and the mustache all year long.

In 2013, nearly 240,000 new cases of the prostate cancer will be diagnosed. In the US alone, one in six men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in their lifetime making it the most frequently diagnosed cancer in men after skin cancer.

Despite these figures, the level of awareness for men’s health lags significantly behind that of women’s health causes. Great news though; 95% of cases can be treated if they are detected early enough. Let our babes be your daily reminder to check for any changes or abnormalities (besides the babes in mustache hanging on your wall, of course).

Show Your Supportwith Hot Fuzz Babes

This year, 35% more men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer than women will be diagnosed with breast cancer. 95% of cases can be treated if they are detected early enough, but our individual awareness is lacking. This is where Hot Fuzz Babes in Mustache comes into play.

This is absurd. Why babes and why mustaches?

We think its pretty, and funny. And a plus 10 babe factor gives us the warm and fuzzies. The mustache has been socially adopted as the mascot for Men’s Health Awareness, specifically during the month of November. It is No-Shave November and Movember when men grow out their favorite styles of facial hair and mustache. Women are unable to grow such mustaches, so we are giving them a head start.

Why a calendar?

We know, everyone cant stop talking about it. Hot Fuzz is a conversation starter; a calendar is something we can display, see, give, or receive as a gift. It’s an entirely fun way to remind ourselves about men’s health. Every month features a babe in mustache. Men will grow mustaches for just a month; these babes will don the mustache all year long. As an added bonus, a portion of the proceeds will go to men’s health foundations. We believe that awareness, beyond money, is the most effective way to help early detection of certain health risks. And an even bigger reason to stay stachey! 


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